5 Best E-Commerce Apps That Will Save You Money

Everybody has seen the growth of e-commerce apps over the past several years. These apps’ massive and unexpectedly quick growth and success. Experts anticipate that the $3.56 trillion in sales generated by e-commerce apps in 2021 will increase further. A significant portion of all retail sales are now driven by e-commerce apps. Since e-commerce apps are quicker and easier to use than traditional methods of shopping, many have completely switched to using them. They always discover exactly what they are looking for—and more—with a variety of categories. What’s not to love, then? We will outline the top five e-commerce apps in this article.


With over 200 million downloads, Amazon dominates e-commerce apps. Amazon was a pioneer in e-commerce. It is the world’s third-largest revenue-generating company. The app launched in 2011 and became popular. It outperformed the website.

Customers like its dependability, quality, and variety. Amazon sells electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and food. Its 24/7 customer service is also well-known. Amazon Prime, a subscription service with free delivery, movies, TV shows, special deals, and e-books, was launched in response. Many people joined Amazon Prime, giving Amazon more money.


Shien started succeeding in 2018. The clothes e-commerce app became 2020’s most downloaded app, surpassing Amazon. Shien sells men’s and women’s clothes. It was initially difficult to promote outside of China, its birthplace. Due to its low prices and wide selection, Shein became popular in 2020. Its stylish, expensive clothing was popular with young people. With 43.7 million users, Shien is the most popular online fashion app.


eBay was a unique platform when it launched in 1995, and it still is. It was able to be successful right away. The first e-commerce platform to be established is thought to be eBay. eBay pioneered the idea of customer-to-customer commerce by enabling individuals to advertise and sell their goods in auctions. Before creating its own marketplace, eBay moved on to somewhat grow and start allowing business-to-business trading, both of which were successful. Since eBay at the time was providing something quite distinctive, every programme and platform that followed was greatly influenced by it. Approximately 159 million users are currently active on eBay, which brings in over $10.8 billion annually.


Everyone was using Wish in 2018, and many YouTube influencers were exploiting it as content. It achieved astounding success. Wish quickly gained a lot of user popularity because it primarily focused on costs. By establishing cheap and incredibly reasonable costs, Wish was able to compete with many other more established and successful apps on the market. Additionally, they offered fantastic deals and incentives; occasionally, the sales reached 98%.

Users had the opportunity to make wishlists in the Wish app, which they could then share with other users. These wishlists served as the foundation for Wish’s promotion and product expansion. They were able to advertise the app based on these insights about the interests and actions of their clients. Wish today has more than 600 million registered users and makes over $2 billion in income.


Shopee was first successful locally. Southeast Asian regional e-commerce app. Most people used traditional buying methods at the time, not e-commerce. The founders’ main goal was making user-friendly software during app development. They had to convince consumers to use their platform in a foreign market. Their platform had to be user-friendly. After the test, it became Southeast Asia’s most popular app. After that, they achieved great success in many other countries.You now have the option to create your own e-commerce app thanks to nandbox. You can quickly create your own app using a straightforward approach and a selection of features that are varied. Follow this article for a step-by-step guide. who knows? Maybe you could be featured on our list in the future. Try the nandbox app builder for free right now!

Written by Nancy Elbahr

I’m Nancy Elbahr a tech enthusiast and a senior content creator at nandbox. I’m passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses build applications at affordable prices through my easily digestible contents.

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