Young Del City cookie giver receives cookie party in celebration of his kindness & generosity

DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Del City youngster who gave cookies to cops in gratitude of their service was the recipient of a cookie celebration on Wednesday.

Gabriel, a Del City grade school student, used his entire summer savings to buy cookies for the Del City Police Department.

First Fidelity Bank recognized Gabriel’s selfless efforts by surprising him with $400 at the police station last month, making him the recipient of KFOR’s Pay it 4ward award.

Word about Gabriel’s generosity found its way to the good folks at Insomnia Cookies.

“When we heard what Gabriel did, we were so super impressed, we said, ‘You know what, we want to get involved, and we want to take the things that are important to him and we want to help out too,’” said Dallas Warble with Insomnia Cookies.

Gabriel and his teachers.

Insomnia Cookies did just that by throwing Gabriel a cookie party.

Being the benevolent young man that he is, Gabriel invited all of his favorite people – Del City police officers, as well as his first, second and third grade teachers from Epperly Elementary.

“This kid has a heart of gold. I’ve always known that about him,” said Kristen Boeckman, Gabriel’s second grade teacher.

“We are unbelievably appreciative of everything Gabriel is doing. He’s a great representative of our city and our community, and we’re so happy he decided to do this today,” said Lt. Brad Cowden.

Ten percent of all proceeds from Insomnia Cookies’ sales on Wednesday will be donated to Mid-Del Schools in Gabriel’s name.

FYI, if you now have a craving for cookies, Insomnia delivers warm cookies until 1a.m.

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