Yes, Monolith Tracking is Now a Thing

MYSTERY WIRE — The mystery of the monoliths appearing around the world is here to stay, at least for a while. To preserve the strange history of the monoliths someone has aggregated all of the details of each monolith into an easy to read Google document.

In the beginning (11/18/2020), there was the Utah Monolith.

By now you should have heard about this one that was found in an extremely rural part of Utah near Moab. The Utah Monolith, as it became known, captivated media and thrill-seekers for days.

That was until the next one popped up in Romania (11/27/2020). And as quickly as people’s attention changed to Romania it was whiplashed back to California. 

The California monolith (12/2/2020) succumbed to the same fate as the Utah and Romania monolith. All of them were torn down and removed. In California the people who destroyed it also recorded themselves and shared it on social media.

But did you know that by December 11, 2020 the California monolith was only the third of 23 documented monoliths being found.

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And while some of them are clear gimmicks, like the oldest surviving monolith erected in the middle of the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, some of them are still mysteries.

The chart and classifications below show where the monolith was found, when it was found, and in some cases when it was removed comes directly from

  1. S-Class: Significant monoliths, well made, with zero explanations of appearnace.
  2. P-Class: Possibly significant monoliths, well made, but with little information or some evidence that suggests a knockoff/generally less mystery than an S-Class monolith.
  3. Q-Class: Questionable monoliths, not confirmed to be knockoffs but likely considering the origin or appearance of the monolith.
  4. K-Class: Knockoff monoliths, with little mystery surrounding them.  
Monolith Class Date Discovered Date Removed
Utah S November 18th November 27th
Romanian S November 27th December 1st
Pine Mountain Q December 2nd December 3rd
Pittsburgh K December 3rd December 5th
Fremont Street Q December 4th
Joshua Tree P December 4th
Texas K December 4th
West Jordan K December 4th
Russian K December 4th
Colorado Spaceport K December 4th
Colombia Q December 5th
Pine Mountain #2 K December 5th
Los Padres P December 5th
Netherlands Q December 6th
Isle of Wight S December 6th
Santa Clarita P December 6th December 7th
Albuquerque P December 6th December 7th
Canadian Q December 6th December 7th
Boulder Q December 6th
German Q December 7th
Spanish Q December 7th
El Paso P December 7th December 8th
Belgian Q December 8th

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