Two boys rescued after falling into frozen Norman pond

NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Two boys were rescued from an icy golf course pond after falling in while trying to retrieve a golf ball Monday evening.

“A lot of miracles took place yesterday,” Tim Swann, manager of the Cobblestone Creek Golf Course clubhouse, told KFOR.

Swann said on Monday evening, two brothers, about ages nine and 13, were out on the golf course.

“We had one crew that was over on No. 7, which is about 100-150 yards away. He heard the screams of the younger boy,” Swann said.

The frozen pond at Cobblestone Creek Golf Course.

Swann said the younger boy ran onto a frozen pond to retrieve a golf ball when he fell into the water, which is about 13 feet deep.

“The older boy, his brother apparently, he jumped in and fell through a lot sooner because he was a little bit bigger. He literally worked his way through the ice, swimming to his brother trying to get to him,” Swann said.

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The icy pond that a nine year old and 13 year old were rescued from.

That’s when Swann and his crew jumped into action.

“We figured a way to get back there and throw the rope into the middle of the pond, and the younger boy got it on top of the ice and I told him to go ahead and send it back to his younger brother so we’d have both on the rope at the same time,” Swann said.

Swann said the crew brought the boys inside the clubhouse to warm them up and then tracked down their mom.

“She was very thankful,” Swann said. “We couldn’t have done it without each other. We have a pretty strong crew here, but even with all of that, it was a bit of a challenge to pull them out.”

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