Tricia Everest resigns chair of Oklahoma County Jail Trust

OKLAHOMA CITY (Free Press) — Founding chair of the Oklahoma County Jail Trust has resigned effective Friday, April 30.

The short resignation letter vaguely cited her confirmation as the Secretary of Public Safety with the State of Oklahoma as the reason. Below is the whole of her resignation letter.


This comes at nearly the end of a turbulent year for the Jail Trust or officially called the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority where protesters disrupted meetings over what they said were violations of rules of public meetings and actions not in good faith.

The Jail Trust idea was formed from the Oklahoma County Commissioners primarily by Commissioner Kevin Calvey and supported by Commissioner Brian Maughan. There are three commissioners for Oklahoma County.

Free Press will continue to follow this story today and update this report as we learn more.

Marty Peercy contributed to this report.

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