The history of ice in Oklahoma is revealed in an abandoned building in Cushing.

CUSHING, Okla. (KFOR) — It is hard to tell now where the old KATY railroad line ran parallel to Main Street.

Most of the track and old buildings are long since torn down or out.

“When I first looked at it I thought it looked pretty rough,” says new land owner Glynn Morgan.

But there is one very old, very cold reminder, a big block of limestone more than 50 feet high, recently cleared of the brush that nearly swallowed it.

“There are a lot of people who didn’t even know it was still here,” he continues.

Morgan runs a construction and equipment business just across the street.

He knew the building was there but he really liked the land as a place to park fill dirt and gravel.

It wasn’t until he had it cleared, and did a little historical digging, that he realized what he had.

“Oh yeah,” he agrees. “It’s one of those deals where as soon as I found out a little bit about it I decided I had to research it and find out more.”

Folks in early Cushing knew they needed an ice plant as early as statehood in 1907.

By 1920 investors had built a huge factory supplying blocks of ice to local households and crushed ice for railroad cars.

The Cushing Ice Plant could crank out 100,000 pounds a day.

The big storage room that survives to this day could hold enough to fill 125 freight cars.

Morgan points, “You see that pipe over there in the corner? That’s actually a well. That’s where the water for the ice came from.”

Morgan didn’t set out to own a still intact chunk of Cushing history, but he knew tearing it down wasn’t an option.

He cleared out the junk.

He plans on fixing the roof and perhaps opening a sales room for gardening equipment inside.

“Everybody is happy we’re going to save it,” he says. “and do something with it anyway.”

From ice where we don’t want it to ice where we do.

Our thoughts on the subject change with the weather.

But the big pieces don’t go away so fast, and the biggest pieces are worth freezing in time.

Morgan adds, “We’re still finding more and more every day.”

Morgan and his crews are waiting till the new year to continue work on the old ice house.

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