Teenager recovering after being bitten by dogs in rural Cleveland County

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A teenager in rural Cleveland County in the Slaughterville area is recovering after being bitten by dogs.

Sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Baldwin and her sister were walking home from school when she says their neighbor’s dogs attacked her. 

“They pinned us against the fence and the white dog got behind me and bit me and then I fell. The black dog got my leg. It was kind of scary,” she said. 

Her sister wasn’t hurt, but she was left with injuries on her legs.

“I was so worried, I was like, if I’m going to make it home or I’m just going to be stuck here for awhile,” she said. “It really hurt, I’m like limping all the way home after. I was like crying and scared.”

Her neighbor, Andrea Clark, says the dogs have been an issue for awhile.

“We’re all concerned there could be rabies,” Clark said. 

According to her, both she and Elizabeth’s parents have called the Sheriff’s Office about the dogs multiple times and were told conflicting information about what could be done.

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A Cleveland County teen said she was attacked and bitten by dogs.

When KFOR was in the area Friday, deputies could be seen going into the alleged owner’s home.

The State Health Department also showed up, but neither they nor the Sheriff’s Office would say if the dogs have rabies.

“I would like them to be moved away from here and better taken care of,” Baldwin said.

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Elizabeth Baldwin

The Sheriff’s Office says deputies weren’t able to contact the owner on Wednesday and told him Thursday the dogs needed to be quarantined.

On Friday, the dogs were taken to a veterinarian to be quarantined.

Clark says more should be done for animals in the area.

“The needs out here are just great and we need to get a county shelter,” she said. 

The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office says the case is still very early in the investigation and can’t speak to if criminal law or a civil case would apply.

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