Teen killed by OKCPD accused in Midwest City burglary

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – The 15-year-old boy shot and killed by police last month is now being accused of a robbery in Midwest City during the summer.

Stavian Rodriguez was shot November 24 after police said he was caught robbing a convenience store. His death is currently under investigation.

A Midwest City man said Rodriguez broke into his home over the summer, and stole weapons and ammunition, claims substantiated by a police report and other documents provided to him by the district attorney’s office.

The man decided against speaking on camera about the crime, knowing emotions are high over the teen’s death.

“I can’t get my head into the mind of someone who wants to maim and attack the character of a dead child,” said Jess Eddy, an advocate for Rodriguez’s family.

Eddy contends the burglary from over the summer, and any previous crimes, should not be part of the conversation.

“When it comes to this police murder of Stavian, what’s relevant is the the put the gun on the ground, that he put his hands in the air,” Eddy said.

Police said Rodriguez was locked inside the convenience store by the clerk, then climbed out a drive-thru window with a gun in his hand.

Witnesses who protested Rodriguez’s death said he dropped the weapon before he was shot.

Investigators said he failed to comply with police commands before five officers opened fire.

“When they’re investigating these officers and this particular case, the only thing that needs to be considered is what they knew at the time, what the circumstances were in the time around this incident,” said trial lawyer Jacqui Ford.

She said it’s the responsibility of investigators examining the killing to stick to the immediate circumstances that led up to the shooting.

But Ford said there are broader issues to think about when looking at the teen’s past and his death.

“All of us should be able to mourn his death and simultaneously hold the system accountable for where they failed Mr. Rodriguez that led him here, and where they failed the law enforcement officers that put him in this position, with the lack of training and tools required to safely take into custody a 15-year-old boy,” Ford said.

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