Oklahoma City police searching for carnival-goers involved in altercation in which pepper spray was used

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City Police Department officials are working to locate two people involved in an altercation at a carnival, during which, pepper spray was used.

The altercation occurred in March when a fight broke out at a carnival near Southeast 44th and High.

It happened after someone cut in front of a family in line, according to police.

Oklahoma City police are searching for two people involved in a fight at a carnival.

Harsh words quickly escalated to pushes and punches. Amid the ruckus, someone pulled out pepper spray and started dousing the family.

Footage of the fight is featured in the above video. Police are searching for the man in the gray hoodie and the woman with purple braided hair.

If you have information about those two individuals, please contact Oklahoma City police at (405) 297-1000.

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