Oklahoma City energy company that started hand sanitizer business during pandemic adapts once again to save jobs impacted by COVID-19

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Among the businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, oil and gas was one of the hardest hit in Oklahoma.

Last year, we told you the story of one oil and gas company that found an opportunity as the demand for hand sanitizer rose.

“I remember telling you, never in my career did I think a gallon of hand sanitizer would be worth more than a barrel of oil,” said Jonathan Jordan, President of Horizon Energy Partners, LLC.

At that time, the world had stopped and the oil and gas business was hurting – leaving many Oklahoma families worried about paying the bills.

Jonathan Jordan, President of Horizon Energy Partners, LLC

Store shelves were empty, with toilet paper and hand sanitizer in high demand.

So Jordan started Okie Clean – going through the FDA and medical board to create a safe and effective hand sanitizer.

“This was a pivot, to make sure all of our employees, especially from the oil and gas side, had a job,” he said

Jordan says their inventory of sanitizers has also given an opportunity for Oklahomans in the sales business whose work has stopped or slowed over the last year.

But now, the country is re-opening and the tides are turning.

“The big companies such as Germ-X and Purell have caught up in the supply chain,” said Jordan. 

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Okie Clean

Even as sanitizer demand drops and oil and gas rises, Jordan and the Okie Clean team have found a way to keep this side hustle alive.

Local schools are stepping up to support this local business.

“Oklahoma State University, we reached out to them and started supplying them hand sanitizer, as well as Moore Public Schools, Deer Creek, Edmond, a lot of the locals,” Jordan said. 

Okie Clean even customizing their labels for organizations or events.

“You know, you have the wedding gift bags that are handed out and it was usually bubbles and things like that and the new norm now is why not hand sanitizer?” said Jordan. 

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He hopes his company’s story can inspire others in tough times.

“Adapt and survive – that’s kind of the goal is keep moving forward,” Jordan said. 

Okie Clean has moved to primarily online sales now but it’s still providing jobs and income for his local employees.

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