OG&E gives update on power restoration, timeline pushed back

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — It’s been 11 days since an ice storm that ravaged parts of Oklahoma and thousands of OG&E customers are still feeling the effects of nearly two weeks without power.

“I really am losing hope. It’s just getting ridiculous,” said Miaja Rodriguez, whose grandmother on oxygen needs electricity.

“They told me I will have power today by 10 p.m.,” said Stephenie Peters, who has been without power since last Tuesday.

“There’s no contingency plan for this. You don’t ever plan for this in your budget,” said Mike Allen, who has been without power for 10 days.

Homeowners are charging their cellphones in their cars and with food spoiling– they’re spending money on eating out.

Others are left searching for a generator like Rodriguez.

“I was forced to buy a generator. I had to pawn things in order to go get it just so my grandma was able to have oxygen,” Rodriguez said.

As of Friday afternoon, OG&E’s system map shows over 50,000 customers without power. Outages stretching from the north side of the metro to the south.

But the company tells News 4 this map isn’t completely accurate– closer to 43,000 customers do not have power.

On Wednesday, they told News 4 they expected everyone to have their power restored on Friday night. Now it will be longer.

“We’re gonna hopefully have the south and the west parts of the metro up tonight. We are going to be working through the weekend. So, we will have customers that will not be up tonight,” said David Kimmel, OG&E Senior Communications Specialist. “We want to give you the right information. I don’t want to make anything that’s gonna, that we’re gonna have to change later on. The goal is by the end of this weekend to have everybody up and running.”

“I see these guys, the OG&E guys, and they’re working their butts off to try and get everybody back,” Allen said. “It seems there’s just been a lot of timelines that have been missed. Don’t give me a timeline if you’re gonna miss the timeline.”

OG&E expects to give us another update later Friday evening.      

They also say their lineman have been running in to some issues while trying to reach lines in backyards, such as gates being locked and even being bitten by dogs.

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