Mustang elementary school teacher resigns amid fear of COVID-19, says district protocols are not working

MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – An art teacher at Mustang Creek Elementary resigned Monday of this week amid fears of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising district numbers.

You can find Mustang’s latest COVID-19 numbers and statements from the superintendent below:

“COVID is just like Russian roulette; I’m just waiting for my turn,” said Carly Memoli, the teacher that resigned Monday. “I have all the students, I’m an art teacher.”

Carly Memoli, a now-former art teacher at Mustang Creek Elementary School, said COVID-19 brought her to her breaking point. She also told KFOR that she feels the districts protocols are ineffective, forcing her to decide to resign.

“You’re not all on the same page, you don’t communicate and you don’t follow procedures,” she said. “It won’t work and it’s not working.”

According to Memoli, it’s challenging enough getting the young children she teaches to wear masks and wash their hands. She said she thinks more can be done.

“The kids are not social distanced, there’s 23 kids in a kindergarten class,” Memoli said. “Their kindergarten, they do the best they can even in my art room, we do the best we can, but it is what it is.”

“I know it can be done a better way,” she said.

KFOR reached out to the district. Their statement, as well as their protocols, are below.

“In order to help reduce the spread of illness, Mustang families and staff should:

Use the MPS Daily Symptom Check; NOT report to work/school with symptoms or send symptomatic students to school. NOT report to work/school if you have received a COVID-19 test and results are pending. Email to report any positive test results, exposures, close contacts, or quarantines; Maintain social distancing as feasible and wear face-coverings/masks; This is important in confined spaces such as vehicles/workrooms/offices. During lunches, mask up when not actively eating. Mask up when in common areas. (hallways, restrooms, etc.) Frequently wash hands or utilize 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.”

“We must also continue to be mindful inside and outside of school to maintain in-person learning and work toward the goal of increasing the amount of in-person instruction at Mustang High. We will continue to communicate with those directly impacted with each positive case and/or “close contact,” to follow all COVID-related safety procedures as indicated in our Health/Safety Plan, and will also continue to monitor the data to make decisions that support the health and safety of all of our Mustang Family.”

A district spokesperson said if they are notified of a COVID situation they “work closely with those affected to guide them through this difficult time.” They said they also provide an employee assistance program and quarantine leave for time off work.

However, Memoli said with the young children in elementary schools, it became too much.

“I didn’t get to say goodbye and I’m not walking out on my students; I’m here to advocate for them and my teachers,” she said.

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