Midwest City man and his horse shot, police searching for suspect

MIDWEST CITY (KFOR) – Midwest city police are searching for a shooting suspect who they said shot a man and his horse in a metro neighborhood near Northeast 7th and Royal.

“You pull up next to somebody riding a horse,” said Deandre Prince, who lives nearby. “That’s just unconstitutional if you ask me.”

Police said the suspect pulled up to the man and his horse in a dark gray challenger, fired multiple shots, then sped off.

“He was screaming ‘God help me! God help me!’” Kaye Wheeler told KFOR. “I heard police asking, ‘Who was it? Who was it?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know, I’ve never seen him before.’”

According to police reports, the man was shot in the leg and the horse was shot in the leg and upper abdomen.

“I thought he bucked up out of here. I’m like, I would’ve bucked up and out of here too if I heard shots,” said Prince.

Midwest City police and animal control rushed to the scene and found the man and horse bleeding.

Wheeler said she watched it all unfold from her front porch.

“The horse was weak and couldn’t walk,” Wheeler recalled, standing just a few feet away from the blood still stained on her driveway.

“[Animal control] said he’d been shot through the lungs and right above the elbow in the front,” she said. “She said the respiration, the horse’s respiration, was at 48 at that point. And he’s breathing real shallow.”

Now neighbors are left with even more questions.

“He’s not doing nothing, just riding his horse. Not threatening at all,” said Prince.

“Sometimes life can be really scary living here,” said Kandi McDaniel, who lives a few feet from the crime scene.

Midwest City police told KFOR the victim and the horse are expected to be okay.

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