Man arrested after breaking door, causing lockdown at Oklahoma City hospital

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man was arrested after breaking a door inside the Mercy Hospital maternity ward on Friday, causing the hospital to be placed under lockdown. 

“Officers were initially notified about a man who was up there trying to get into, I guess it’s the maternity ward,” MSgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police Department told News 4. 

Knight is talking about 22-year-old Cristo Martinez who was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on Friday after giving the staff and patients at Mercy Hospital quite the scare. 

“A woman was up there. The two had been in a relationship. He was wanting in the room. She did not want him in there, made it very clear she didn’t want him in there. He refused to leave the premise,” Knight said. 

According to the police report, Martinez then “became irate” and “began to slam his body into the secured double door entrance to the wing in which he victim’s room was located. 

He caused $3,300 of damage to the door, according to police. 

“He didn’t shatter the glass but he basically broke the way the door functions,” Knight said. 

Martinez was gone by the time officers got there, but he then started sending the victim threatening messages. 

“Sent a text of himself with a gun, indicating he was going to be coming back up there to get in,” Knight said. 

Officials with Mercy Hospital sent News 4 the following statement on Monday: 

“Due to a domestic situation, Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City increased  security measures early Friday to ensure the safety of patients, co-workers and families. Oklahoma City Police are on site and are investigating. Mercy remains open and patient care continues. As always, we pray for the health and safety of all.”

“The hospital did everything right,” Said Knight. “It was very frightening for some of the people in there but in the end, everyone ended up okay and he ended up in jail.”

On Monday, according to court records, the victim filed a protective order against Martinez. 

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