IN YOUR CORNER: Family stuck cleaning cars after botched asphalt job

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A family fights for a refund after spending thousands on asphalt that now coats their tires with every heat wave.

Anna Campbell had hoped for a sleek looking driveway after an RV fire charred the grounds near her home.

“[The RV] burned down to the ground over here,” said Anna. “So we were wanting to get all the grass and stuff covered up.”

After a couple months spent searching for a contractor, a group named Oklahoma Asphalt dropped by their home.

“The guy stopped and asked if he could give us a quote for the driveway,” said Anna. “He seemed [to give] a reasonable price, so we hired him.”

Just over $4,200 later, the job was done in January.

But on any sunny, muggy day since, a problem persists.

The asphalt softens with the sun, causing a gunky mess on most of the Campbells’ cars.

“Soon as we got up, we got tar on the bottom of our tires,” said Anna. “We immediately contacted [Oklahoma Asphalt], guy said they would come out and fix it. So, we waited and waited and never saw or heard, contacted them again, kept getting the same story over and over.”

Anna says eventually, communication stopped all together.

That silence persisted, until Anna left a Facebook review.

“I posted on their Facebook page a review and he immediately contacted me,” Anna explained. “Wanting to know what he can do to take care of it.”

In messages to Anna, business owner John Donahue blamed the shoddy workmanship on a nephew in over his head.

John, though, can be tough to reach. A small claims suit sits open in Noble County; the plaintiff tells KFOR his car continuously got stuck in his new driveway.

That case stalled out, because Donahue was unable to be served, according to OSCN.

Anna is hoping to avoid court, calling on John to offset the price of her driveway repair.

“[Repairs will be] $2,700 dollars. He said, ‘Okay, I can mail you a check,’” Anna explained. “We said okay. Never heard anything, never received anything.”

We reached out to John, hoping to reach a resolution.

But he told our team this situation was already being resolved and the Campbells would be receiving a refund.

In Your Corner bottom line, always do your homework on these sort of investments.

Go beyond reviews and request references from previous jobs.

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