“I didn’t know what I was gonna do,” local church group surprises Oklahomans in need

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahomans across our state are still dealing with February’s polar plunge, but two families are singing the praises of a local church who stepped in when they needed it most.

Winter went out with a bang in Oklahoma. When the historic bitter blast left out our state, it left Marsha Thomas and countless renters stuck in a mess, as pipes burst city wide.

“I’m just frustrated, cause I’m standing in water, said Marsha Thomas, while showing us around her place at Oak Creek Apartments. “I’m not in good shape, this is a health hazard.”

Just two buildings over, her Oak Creek neighbor Travis Martin had the same problem. A quick fix by maintenance, lead to a hole clear through his bathroom wall that remained for weeks.

“You can smell from here, it stinks,” Travis said. “We can see clear to the next apartment.”

For a month now, Travis and Marsha have cleaned up. But a new season is here, bringing with it new help!

Tasha Hodges, and her church group with Memorial Road Church of Christ, reached out.

Her team hopped in their van and followed us to Oak Creek.

Soon after, the church group handed over sizable monetary donations to both Marsha and Travis’ family.

“We just wanted to do something for you” said Tasha. “Since you were affected by the ice storm we had.”

For Travis and LeShawnn Love, the funds will help with their new start. Their family is planning on moving away from Oak Creek soon.

“There’s still mold in the bathroom,” said LaShawnn. “I’m ready to get up out of here.”

For Marsha, the donation will help with bills and restocking hundreds worth of ruined food.

“I needed help. Didn’t have nobody help me,” said Marsha. “I know it wasn’t anybody but the good lord that sent you to me to help me. Cause I didn’t know what I was gonna do.”

The end result was a true team effort, and an example of the Oklahoma Standard on full display.

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