House catches fire in Oklahoma City, strong winds intensify danger

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma City firefighters battled a house fire in Oklahoma City on Friday afternoon as strong winds made the situation more dangerous.

Firefighters were called at around 4 p.m. to an old, two-story, wood house at 9th and Classen.

A two-story home burns at 9th and Classen in Oklahoma City.

Crews went inside the home to battle the blaze, but their commander pulled them out for fear that the floor would collapse into the basement.

Strong winds fueled the flames, making the situation more difficult for fire crews.

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Firefighters climb up to the roof of the burning home.

The blaze, which ignited in the kitchen, spread to the second floor and attic. Firefighters cut a hole in the roof to get ventilation.

Firefighters had the flames extinguished about 15 minutes after arriving.

The fire caused power lines that were attached to the home to fall to the ground. Downed lines were seen arching at the side of the house.

Nobody was inside the house when the fire ignited.

A damage estimate is not yet known.

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