Family therapy center in NW Oklahoma City burglarized

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Purposeful Play Family Enrichment Center was burglarized early Thursday morning. They had to cancel appointments, but intend to be back open Friday.

“We spent so much time and effort and money building something like this and someone else can just walk in and start taking the things you worked so hard to get to acquire,” Vince Ruminer, co-founder of Purposeful Play Family Enrichment Center, said. “You get a little bit angry because we spend several years building this place so it just really makes you a little bit angry and a little bit violated I guess.”

Ruminer says he checks security footage every morning, and he noticed light coming in through the door that shouldn’t have been there.

In surveillance video, the suspect can be seen coming through a shattered glass door wearing a dark shirt, mask, hat, gloves and flipflops.

A few minutes later, he walks out with an old computer and a briefcase full of testing materials worth about $4,000.

“At first glance, you wouldn’t think it was worth much, but these are very specialized materials,” Ruminer said.

Ruminer says the suspect also trashed a therapist’s office, and he thinks he meant to take more than he did.

“We found several computers and scanners and things such as that had been set aside, it was obvious he was going to take, but for whatever reason he didn’t come back and take those,” he said.

Ruminer stresses that no patient information was taken.

“None of the areas where we keep that information had been compromised,” he said.

However, the burglary still impacts the families they serve.

“When something like this happens, we end up having to shut our doors temporarily and not provide those services to the people who really need them,” Ruminer said.

The center will be upgrading their security and installing more cameras.

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