‘Dr. Terpz’ unveils plans for a medical marijuana vending machine

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – “Believe me, it will blow your mind away,” said Kamran Ali, owner of Dr. Terpz. 

Ali referring to his latest invention: the ‘EZ Weed’ cannabis vending machine. 

“You ever see someone just look at something and they can’t stop staring at it… that’s exactly what’s happening,” he said. 

It’s a first of its kind in Oklahoma, but how does it work?

Ali says you’d have to register with your medical marijuana card information. 

The machine scans your thumb print, does a biometric scan, and has a camera where a person behind a computer can see your face to verify who you are. 

“Once they’re registered from that day forward… they can actually just walk up to the machine and put their thumb print in. It’ll run the OMMA agent cards and name everything for them through the OMMA website green light the purchase,” said Ali. 

Ali says he and a team designed it like an ATM. 

You’d be able to buy anything you would at the counter. 

“Whether you want a pre-roll, or whether you want to pick up an ounce, or a gummy, or whether it’s a chocolate bar, this is refrigerated,” he said. 

He also wants to collaborate with other companies who can fill a machine with their own products to sell across the state. 

He also says the idea of a vending machine can feel familiar. 

“We’ve all been so… since kids have been using vending machines… since lunch in school… it’s been something that’s been inherently in us,” he said. 

He’s also hoping to educate people with videos on each of the products. 

“To say ‘hey this one is a hard hitter,’ or ‘this one’s going to help you with your PTSD,’” Ali explained.

We reached out to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority; they say today is the first they heard about the vending machines. 

Their compliance team will work with ‘Dr. Terpz’ to make sure the machines are checking all the right boxes. 

“Sometimes people want to get what they want to get and be on their way- this machine does that,” said Ali. 

There are still some kinks to be worked out, but Ali says their goal is to have 1,000 of these machines across the state in 6 months.

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