Caught on Camera: Parent has screaming outburst over face masks during Yukon school meeting

YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A parent exploded with anger during a Yukon School Board meeting Monday night, unleashing a tirade about her child having to wear a face mask.

“This isn’t about COVID! It’s about control! My child is FOUR YEARS OLD!!!” the woman shouted.

However, the matter did not go the woman’s way, as the School Board voted to keep the mask mandate for young students on buses and in common areas. Only high school students have to wear masks in the classroom.

A parent had an outburst at a Yukon School Board meeting about students having to wear face masks.

Such outbursts, especially those directed at elected officials, are becoming more common at multiple public meetings over the last few months.

Oklahoma lawmakers passed Senate Bill 403 during this current legislative session. The bill makes any disturbance or disruption to a public meeting a misdemeanor crime.

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed that bill into law.

There is no indication that anyone at last night’s meeting will face any charges.

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