Burglar says he was on a ‘mission from God’ after caught inside family’s home

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A homeowner’s son confronted a burglar with a baseball bat Thursday morning when the burglar tried to break in through their back door.

“As a man, you always got to protect people you love,” said 16-year-old Jonthan Marcott.

Marcott said he was on the verge of swinging on a burglar Thursday morning. He said he wanted to protect his mom and two sisters as he tried to break in through the back door of their home near Southwest 37th Street and Blackwelder.

“Had to do what I had to do,” he said.

It happened at 9:30 a.m. Thursday. Angelica Sanchez, Marcott’s mom, said her children were doing schoolwork at home. The family moved to Oklahoma just 10 days ago. Jonthan and his mom Angelica heard something outside.

“He said he just heard our puppies, you know, like crying,” Sanchez said.

“That’s not normal, because he usually doesn’t cry a lot,” Marcott said.

Marcott said he looked out the window and saw a complete stranger standing in their backyard. He said it looked like he was trying to choke his dog to keep it from making noise. Just a split second later, the man ran for the door.

“He just started hitting it with his shoulder,” Marcott said.

“I felt helpless,” Sanchez said.

Curtis Baylis

Marcott decided to grab a baseball bat after already telling him to leave. He decided to confront the burglar, 41-year-old Curtis Baylis.

“I told him to leave,” Marcott said. “No response. He was slamming the door real hard.”

However, his mom got to the backyard before he could swing.

“I just pulled him away and I told him, ‘You know what, you need to leave our house because we called the cops already,’” Sanchez said.

The family ran to safety across the street. Police arrived soon after, finding Baylis inside the home.

According to the police report, when Baylis was asked what he was doing, he said he was “on a mission from God to save the world.” The report later said he admitted he was high on methamphetamine.

“It was just scary,” Sanchez said. “A lot of things went through my head.”

The family was left shaken. They said it was a wild welcome to the city they now call home, but it wasn’t enough to make them leave.

“We’re going to make it here,” Marcott said. “It’s a good city.”

The police report also states that Baylis was bleeding from his head. However, he told police he hit his head on a door before being arrested.

A snip it from the report can be read below.

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Section from police report.


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