30-year-old father of four picked out of hundreds to win life-changing oral surgery

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 30-year-old father of four is about to receive a life-changing gift.

Cody Hudson was chosen out of more than 400 applicants as the winner of the “Second Chance” program, made possible by the Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma.  

Hudson was involved in an accident when he was just 14 months old. He was hit by a semi-truck and went through countless surgeries as he grew up.  

“I ended up getting life flighted to the hospital and I was told I was not going to make it through the night but here I am,” said Hudson.  

Because of his surgeries and medications, Hudson’s smile was never the same. His teeth are unsalvageable and doctors say he will need implants to bring back his smile.  

“I have been cut open twice in the stomach, I’ve had back surgery and it affected me all through my school years. I’m still living with it,” said Hudson.  

Doctors chose Hudson to receive the life-changing surgery that will give him a smile once again.  

“I really didn’t believe I was gonna win…Dr. Goodson said my name and I just started crying,” said Hudson.  

Hudson says he’s been saving money to pay for a surgery on his own, but once the pandemic hit, he was forced to spend all of the extra money he had supporting his family.

Oral surgeons, Dr. Rob Bryan and Dr. Jeremy Goodson say all of these reasons make Hudson the perfect candidate to win.  

“Cody continues to conquer his fears and surmount obstacles that are in his path,” said Dr. Goodson.

“Humanity has just taken such a blow. Such a devastating blow and we just need a little more positivity. We need to have a little more light in our eyes,” said Dr. Bryan.  

The surgery is estimated to cost around $50,000 but will be completely free for Hudson.  

The generosity is worth it to the doctors with the Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma.  

Hudson says he can’t wait to smile again.  

“It’s gonna feel so good to just smile at everybody. You’re not gonna be able to take the smile off my face. I feel like it’s gonna bring my confidence out,” said Hudson.

Hudson’s surgery is scheduled for December 14. He will have a new smile and will be able to use his new teeth just as they were his own.

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